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  Atlas RS-2  


Realistic Backgrounds
New Realistic Backgrounds

Our Price $18.98

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Mountain & Lake
Farm with Silos

NSC 50' Plug Door Box Car
From 1975 to 1980 National Steel Car built over one-thousand 50’6” single-plug door box cars. Most of the 100-ton cars went to Canadian railroads primarily for paper service. Two hundred 70-ton cars went into food service for the Grand Trunk Western. the models have a number of variations corresponding to the prototype.
  • Bodies: 5111 or 5277 cubic foot styles
  • Ends: Nine or ten corrugations
  • Doors: 9ft or 10ft plug doors
  • Side Sills: Deep or shallow sills
  • Trucks: 70- or 100-ton
  • Suggested minimum radius of 22”

Our Price $36.98

Pre-Order by January 22, 2020 Estimated Delivery: 1st Quarter 2021
Road Name Car Number   Car Number   Car Number     Car Number    
Procor UNPX 851002 851010 851013 851028
Canadian National CNIS 413039 413062 413065 413115
BC Rail 851009 851012 851022 851028
QUEBEC GATINEAU 75106 75117 75130 75284
Canadian Pacific 85509 85520 85594 85606
Ontario Northland 7701 7750 7773 7783
Norfolk Southern 490411 490911        


Our Price $159.98 Analog $199.98 Digital

ETA 4th Quarter 2019
Road Name Cab Number Analog Digital  
Delaware & Hudson 4025
New York Central 8207

USRA Light Mikado
  • NEW Paragon3Sound & Operation System FEATURING ROLLINGTHUNDERTM with Authentic Sounds andPrototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments
  • Integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF forIndustry Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered forcontinuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation
  • Premium Caliber Painting with AuthenticPaint Schemes
  • Prototypical Light Operation with Golden White LED Headlight
  • Die Cast Body with DieCast chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort
  • TractionTires for Additional Tractive Effort
  • (2)Operating MicroTrains #1015 or Compatible Couplers
  • Separately Applied Handrails, Ladders,Whistle, and Brass Bell
  • WillOperate on Code 55, 70, and 80 Rail
  • Recommended Minimum Radius:9.75 inches

Our Price $389.99

ETA July 2019
Road Name Cab Number DCC & Sound Cab Number DCC & Sound
Canadian National 3716 3718
Other Road Names available please call 905.470.6200 or email