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PART #: TVD-LEDECODER SCALE HO 1/87LEDecoder - 3 Output Lighting Decoder

This handy little decoder can be used to drive LEDs in a variety of lighting applications. It can be used to drive 3-LED signal heads. it is set up for JMRI (type Double Output). Can also be used to light a building or a car. with the flicker function it can imitate a flickering light bulb, a welding arc or a campfire. Although the outputs are marked R Y G for ease of wiring to a signal head, any color LED can be used. In addition there is a mode for driving a 2-lead bi-color LED.

The decoder uses 2 consecutive DCC addresses - one controls the R output and the other controls the G output. If both are on then the Y output is lit.

This handy little lighting decoder has numerous uses. It uses 2 DCC addresses. Can be used with JMRI for signaling. Can also be used for DCC controlled lighting of buildings and passenger cars. The flicker function imitates arc welding, flickering lights and fires.

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