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PART #: 381-10-1570 SCALE N 1/160

Taking up the tradition and pride of the former Twilight Express. With its art-deco inspired styling, the Twilight Express Mizukaze is a luxury excursion train that was put into service in 2017. This 10 car train boasts exquisite accomodations that are meant to evoke the feeling of a moving luxurious hotel, with two distinctive observation cars with sweeping 5-section railings that conjure to mind the designs of famous industrial artists and evoke a feeling of nostalgia for trains from a bygone era.Uniquely beautiful. The Twilight Express Mizukaze is a Hybrid Diesel Multiple Unit train that allows it to run on non-electrified tracks as it runs five different tour routes on the western edge of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. With one day tickets starting at around $2250, it is designed with luxury in mind, making this sparkling green beauty a rare piece of Japanese railroad history.This special limited release from Kato will contain all 10 in a specially decorated double-bookcase set with a slipcover, and will fully capture all of the carefully crafted details of this luxury train, both inside and out.Consist: Observation Room Car KITE 87-2 (with directional lighting)Twin Bedroom Car KISAINE 86-101Twin Bedroom Car KISAINE 86-301Twin/Single Bedroom Car KISAINE 86-401 (Motor Car, compatible with EM13 decoder)Lounge Car KIRA 86-1Dining Car KISHI 86-1Suite Car KISAINE 86-501Twin Bedroom Car KISAINE 86-201Twin Bedroom Car KISAINE 86-1Observation Room Car KITE 87-1 (with directional lighting)

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