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DCC Train Shuttle 16-bit Address Programming Adapter (Optional)The Train Shuttle works as it comes with short, 2-digit addresses in the range 1-99 as it comes. It will also work decoders that have a consist address in this range. Almost all locomotives come programmed to the default short address 3 and will work straight away with Train Shuttle. This programming adapter allows the programming of up to 16 long or 4-digit addresses in to the Train Shuttle. In some cases you may it more expedient to add 4-digit addresses with this adapter than to reprogram the locomotive decoder. The adapter plugs in to a 3-pin plug on the back. You can then use the 4 dials to set a 4-digit address. The address will be saved when the power is turned off.

Note: This item is a NewHaven Displays serial LCD module with a 12" servo extension soldered on. You can get these from a number of sources inclusing Digi-Key (part #NHD-0216S3Z-FL-GBW-V3-ND). Unfortuneately, the command set of other brands of serial display differ so you cannot use serial LCDs from Sparkfun and some others.

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